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S120 EVO


The S120 EVO straddle tractor from TECNOMA is available in 3 version: S (low engine in the middle of the row), SH (high transverse engine) and SHVV (high transverse engine and variable hydraulic track). Both light and powerful, these tractors will enable you to quickly and easily achieve all jobs in your vineyards. The S120 EVO straddle tractor is light and compact and preserves the soil from excessive compaction. Environmentally friendly, its engine considerably reduces emissions such as NOx and fine particles.


The S range is equipped with stage 3B DEUTZ engines with 122hp (S120 H and S120 HVV) or stage 4F with 140hp (S120 EVO) versions.

S: Engine placed low in the middle of the row. Traction and stability guaranteed thanks to its low center of gravity.

SH: High transversely mounted engine. The space in the central row is freed up and favors the use of tool holders in the 3 rows.

SHVV: High transversely mounted engine and variable hydraulic track. The track adjustment is continuous from 2 to 2.90m and adapts to all vineyards and all work.

Chassis et transmission

The mechanically welded 3-row chassis with side rails ensures great robustness. For your comfort, there is a hydraulic suspension on the front axle.

  • 4 wheel drive transmission for field work and 2 wheel drive for transport
  • Dual speed range for work and transport
  • Hydraulic Diff lock on all wheels
  • Automotive drive mode via throttle pedal for work and field conditions
  • 3 stage braking system: dynamic, hydrostatic and parking brakes

Panoramic cabin

Class IV cab offers safe environment for the driver plus following benefits:

  • All controls from fingertips: ISOBUS console for intuitive use, multipurpose joystick to control forward and reverse speed, integrated in an adjustable arm rest.
  • Pneumatically suspended comfort seat positioned above the rows for good visibility.
  • Electric mirrors
  • Secured engine start and emergency engine stop


The dimensions of the tool holders and the wheelbase available between the wheels allow all tools to be mounted on the S120. New for 2019: Thanks to our new TECTOOLS coupling interface, you will harness without effort and without a key. In addition to being completely preserved, you will save a lot of time changing your tools! Hitching / unhitching becomes simple and quick.
In addition to this:

  • Specific design of the front to attached a hydraulic lift, slide or parallelogram for a wide range of attachments.
  • The design of the front frame reduces the overhang forward to optimize the payload.
  • The frame can receive a trimmer, a mower, a pre-pruner, or an auger drilling...

TECNOMA's benefits

  • Low maintenance level
  • TwinLock transmission for good traction control (anti-skid).
  • 4 legs with slim design to minimize crop or vines foliage damages.
  • Liquid cooled engine with air intercooler
  • Large rear platform to carry sprayer tank assembly or fertilizer spreader
  • Significant work autonomy thanks to large a diesel fuel and AdBlue tanks.
  • Possibility to pre-program up to 10 jobs


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