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Buying Tecnoma means benefiting from a know-how in the design of spare parts. It is also the guarantee of quality, endurance and robustness. Our products are suitable for a large number of sprayer brands, should you need nozles, nozzle caps, or nozzle holders or others components. You will find here below some examples of timeless and essential components.


A wide field of application

Because a high level of spraying requires quality nozzles ...

The nozzles represent less than 1% of the cost of the sprayer but they are one of the most important component. That is why it is essential to make the right choice, the quality of spraying and the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments depend on it.

The NOZAL range offers you a large choice of nozzles (from standard tips to dual fan, low or high pressure anti-drift, liquid fertilizer ...). There is a specific nozzle for each application to guarantee the preservation of the environment and user safety.

  • Standard AFX - RFX flat fan jet nozzles allow the production of fine droplets to maximize the coverage.
  • The ADX - RDX - ATX low pressure air induction drift nozzles provide perfect coverage while limiting the drift to standard operating pressures.
  • The ARX - RRX high pressure air induction anti-drift nozzles used at high pressures (> 4 bars) are characterized by the production of large droplets, therefore to be favored for certain types of applications (e.g. root action herbicides) and in limited conditions of applications (e.g. wind).
  • The TRIFILET - R5X liquid nitrogen nozzles with 3 or 5 orifices are designed for spreading liquid fertilizer.


Save time every day

When changing nozzles becomes so easy

Compatible with all KWIX nozzles in the NOZAL range, this spanner will make your life easier with easy snap on or off each nozzles. A cleaning brush is integrated. In a compact and ergonomic format (L: 8 cm x W: 6.5 cm) it easily fits either in your pocket or your tractor glove box!


Ultimate spraying power

Precision serves performance

All our nozzle holders are manufactured according to ISO standards (in terms of nozzle size). Each nozzle holder allows quick and easy adaptation of the many types of nozzles on the market.


A new nozzle holder already adopted

Pentix/Pentix SP, a new intelligent nozzle holder...

With its "star" shape, it can receive up to 5 nozzles. The Pentix is very robust and is shock, pressure, vibration, and chemical. The fluid circulation has been optimized resulting in a reduction in pressure losses, a uniform distribution of your sprayer accross the entire boom width and a reduction in dead volumes. The indexed rotation in 10 positions allows a sealed closed intermediate position between each nozzle.


Outstanding reliability and precision!

Because precision is our priority ...

Our flow meters are all individually tested and calibrated at the factory. Each flowmeter is identified by its reference, its working range, its serial number and its own imp/L parameters. It resists chemical attack and show longevity thanks to a propeller fitted with a ceramic axle and bushes. The flow measurement is insensitive to pressure and viscosity to maintain high accuracy regardless of the nature of the liquid.


An essential role often forgotten

Swivelling fittings, essential parts ...

The boom fittings and feed lines connections have a very important role. Swivelling couplings allow a reduction in pressure drops and improve fluid distribution. This also improves the reliability of the flexible hoses in the boom hinges during the hydraulic boom folding/unfolding sequences.

To find all of our references and many others, check our on line Tecnoma Simplified Parts Catalog or visit our Extranet website.