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Tecnoma's flagship, the LASER self propelled sprayer is specially designed to meet all your needs. It is avaialble with three tank capacities from 3,200 to 5,200 liters and can be fitted with booms ranging from 24 to 44 meters. With a wide range of tracks and clearances, the choice is Yours! Because each client is unique, the aim of our approach is to match as closely as possible your requirements and expectations.

The new generation of LASER self-propelled sprayers will leave you speechless. Its unique style, its working comfort and its latest equipment make it one of the most efficient self-propelled sprayer on the market. Enjoy working with Tecnoma.

Laser XL

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TECNOMA continues to develop its range of self-propelled sprayers for export with the LASER XL. Its new format was specially developed for the Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Despite its size, it moves effortlessly whatever the working conditions.

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