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The TECNOMA range of mounted sprayers is consisting of 3 different versions. From the smallest (300L) to the largest (1600L), you will inevitably find the one that suits you. It may or may not be fitted with steel booms with manual or hydraulic folding. These Mounted Sprayers offer a wide range of equipment such as REGULAIR or SMARTOP regulations that will meet your needs.

The smallest model in the TECNOMA range. A compact, simple and efficient sprayer with quick and intuitive operation. Available with or without a boom, it is the ideal ally for small farms, cities and municipalities.

The first XENIS was released in 2013 and was upgrated since. Today, XENIS offers more functions and optional attachments whilst remaining a durable and rugged sprayer.

The MAXIS is the latest born in the TECNOMA mounted range. Its compact design and user friendly operating zone makes it a unique and accurate spraying machine.

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