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Compact, Simple, Versatile.

PREMIS is the smallest sprayers in the TECNOMA range. Available with or without a booms and in 4 tank capacities (300-400-600 and 800L) it is ideal for small farms, cities and communities. Its compact size makes it very practical. PREMIS integrates more than 60 years of experience from TECNOMA in the design of sprayers for agriculture. It is THE ultimate mounted sprayer withh good value for money.


Its high resistance mechanically welded chassis is protected by a polyester paint. Designed for intensive use, the three-dimensional chassis surrounds the tank and ensures perfect rigidity of the whole unit. Its 3 point hitch fits all tractors (agricultural or specialized). Thanks to its light and compact size, the PREMIS is the cattle farms, vegetable grower and municipalities best friend.


Light, compact and schock resistant tanks, rotomolded in high density polyethylene. Their glazed internal walls limit chemical residues and facilitate cleaning.

Main tank: 300, 400, 600 or 800L. Includes 1 rotating tank washing nozzle Lav'Ton for cleaning, 1 hydro-injector for agitation and 1 transparent sight gauge for easy reading of the volume in the tank.

Rinse tank: 40L for 300 and 400L versions and 80L for 600 and 800L models

Hand wash tank: 15L

Booms/Nozzle holders

AZUR (AZ) Manual : 7 - 9 or 10m

TA Manual : 7 - 9 - 10 or 12m

GCP Manual : 12 ou 15m / 3 - 4 sections (800L)

GCP Hydraulic: 12 or 15m / 3 - 4 sections (800L)

PENTAJET: Multiple nozzle holders with Diaphragm Check Valve

TECNOMA's benefits

  • All functions (operation, spraying and rinsing) are grouped together and accessible on the LH side of the machine by means of manual valves.
  • Self priming pump with a maximum pressure up to 15 bars.
  • Several flow control systems: Pressure with manual adjustment / Pressure with pneumatic regulator and manual adjustment / Pressure with manual adjustment by pneumatic regulator and electric section valves.
  • Boom tilt control (optional).
  • Right value for money.


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