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Simple. Intuitive. Full.

The TECNOMA XENIS is available in 4 tank capacities (800, 1000, 1200 and 1500L). It has an ergonomic design which makes its use simple and obvious. GDM, HLE or even manual / hydraulic GC are the booms adapted to this compact mounted sprayer which has everything of a big one. It is fitted standard with REGULAIR regulation and SMARTOP controller. To further optimize your profitability, you can combine the front tank and thus increase your capacity by 1000L.


Its light frame made from high resistance steel is protected by a layer of epoxy primer plus oven backed powder coating. Its 3-point category II hitch (Xenis 800, 1000 and 1200L) and its automatic Cat III hitch (Xenis 1500L) make it easy to use and adaptable to all tractor configurations. This Mounted sprayer has all the features required to become the ideal partner on your farm.


Rotomolded in high density polyethylene, our tanks are light and have a high chemical and schock resistance. Its smooth internal walls limit chemical residues and facilitate cleaning.

Main Tank: 800, 1000, 1200 or 1500L. Designed with 1 or 3 Lav’Ton (rotating tank washing nozzle) for thourough tank cleaning, 2 hydro-injectors for agitation and 1 transparent sight gauge for easy reading of the volume in the tank, the XENIS is simply perfect.

Rinsing tank: Its capacity of 150L for all versions ensures effective rinsing of the booms, the spraying circuit and the tank.

Booms/Nozzle holders

GC Manual: 12 or 15m / 3 - 4 sections.

GC Hydraulic: 12 or 15m / 3 - 4 sections.

GDM: 15 - 16 or 18m / 5 sections.

HLE: 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 or 21m / 4 - 5 sections.

PENTAJET: Multiple nozzle holder with Diaphragm Check Valve.

TECNOMA's benefits

  • Good visibility on the back thanks to the rinsing tank integrated into the chassis.
  • Foot step to access the tank lid
  • REGULAIR: once the pressure is set, it remains constant and the regulator automatically compensates when boom sections are switched on or off without need for calibrated returns.
  • 2 LED bluebeams working lights to illuminate the GDM or HLE booms (optional).


TECNOMA : XENIS Experience


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