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VOLTIS, the first electric straddle tractor from TECNOMA. A product entirely designed for a low environmental impact. Light and handy, it enables you to carry out all the work in the vineyard and fits all vines. Comfortable Cab, profitability, respect for the environment and simplicity of use make the VOLTIS an oustanding straddle tractor. And last but not the least, VOLTIS will achieve a good working day without recharging!


The VOLTIS combines 100% electric propulsion, provided by a pack of 2 high-end batteries, and a Full electric transmission composed of 4 motors mounted in line. This association gives it a great operating silence and reduced polluting emissions. Its batteries are made of Lithium ion Iron Phosphate, with an on-board capacity of 75 to 115 kWh and are not afraid of hot / cold weather nor steep slopes. You can partially charge them without risking damaging them. Good to know that lithium is an unalterable material and infinitely recyclable. The load is important and will allow you to work from 5 to 16 hours independently (depending on the nature of the work, the speed and the slope). The longevity of the batteries guarantees you more than 3000 chraging cycles (1 cycle: equivalent of a charge and a complete discharge).


  • Full Electric Transmission: 30% more efficient than a standard engine with hydrostatic transmission!
  • Transmission carried out by 4 electric motors mounted in line on 4 mechanical final gear reductors built in each of the 4 wheels.
  • Protected and sealed wheel electric motors: extreme precision even at very low speed.
  • Optimized safety thanks to 3 braking stages (electrical, dynamic and parking brakes).

Panoramic cabin

La cabine, certifiée CAT. IV, est totalement sécurisée, filtrée, ventilée et pressurisée et vous offre de nombreux avantages:

  • Comfortable cockpit with numerous settings and adjustments.
  • Perfect visibility with a 360 ° panoramic view.
  • Easy access to all tanks, filters and sight gauges.
  • Large electric mirrors.


You can easily connect all your tools thanks to the electric AND hydraulic PTOs. Maintenance is simple and quick, and so is the cleaning.

  • Optimal stability for all tools.
  • Weight distribution to work quickly in uneven grounds and plots
  • 2 electrical high power outputs.
  • Electro-hydraulic group (optional).

TECNOMA's benefits

  • No noise pollution.
  • Reduction of CO² and greenhouse gas emissions during use.
  • Energy bill reduced by +/- 80%.
  • Quick coupling / uncoupling of tools.
  • Light and compact tractor that limits soil compaction.
  • Mechanical variable track to adapt to all row spacings and all vineyards.
  • Low maintenance: no more oil or filter changes...
  • A day's work without refueling or recharging!



TECNOMA : VOLTIS + Interceps


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