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Its steel frame, made from welded high elesticity steel profiles offers high resistance to all mechanical and chemical stresses. DREAL 25km / h homologation (France) is standard. Electronic unit centralizing all commands (DPAE flowmeter regulation, regulation valve ...) is among standard features. Its smart tank design ensures easy maintenance and offers reliability over time. Extremely robust and stable on all surfaces, the TECNIS is the sprayer for large farms.


Rotomolded in high density polyethylene, our tanks have a high resistance to chemicals and shocks. Their smooth internal walls limit chemical residues and facilitate cleaning. The center of gravity, placed at the bottom, guarantees perfect stability of the machine in all working conditions.

Main tank: 3100L (minimum overcapacity of 5% possible according to standards). Designed with a built in tunnel without any metal parts inside, 3 Lav’Ton and 3 “hydroinjectors” for a homogeneous and optimized spray mixture, TECNIS is fully equipped.

Rinsing tank: Its 390L capacity ensures effective rinsing of the booms, the spraying circuit and the main tank.

Booms/Nozzle holders

HLE: 18 or 21m / 4 - 5 sections.

LVS SC/ED: 21 - 24 or 28m / 4 - 5 - 7 sections.

LVX: 28 ou 30m  / 7 - 8 sections

PENTIX or PENTAJET: Multiple nozzle holder with diaphragm check vaves.

PENTIX SP: Multiple nozzle holders with diaphragm check valve and automatic rotation/selection

TECNOMA's benefits

  • Robust chassis.
  • Drawbar with 3 height adjustment positions.
  • Mechanical stand adaptable to all types of tractors.
  • Track adjustment made easy for each type of wheels and tires.
  • AXAIR suspension for optimal comfort (option).
  • 2 or 4 Bluebeam LED working lights to illuminate the boom (optional).


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